Sometimes Ignorance

Sometimes ignorance is a gift. When I’d settled into the realization that songwriting and performing were my future, I just didn’t see how my family and friends would perceive my commitment. How would I make a living? Is that really the type of life I’d like to pursue? Do you have any clue what you are committing to? And how you would look to you peers.
Quite frankly, all I can say is “NO”. I just couldn’t see it. By the time I jumped in my blinders were on and I couldn’t see further than the pull of my art. Now, as time has passed, it’s quite obvious where their concerns were coming from. And as I look back on a life with no guarantees, I agree that I must’ve been crazy to pursue this.

But now as I think about playing in front of thousands of people and writing so many songs over 40+ years I am so grateful that I followed my calling. And the amazing part is I was never rich and I was never poor. And I always got by. I know those were different times than what I see now but I lived the dream and can’t imagine what else I could have done.

To believe in one’s career builds character and creates a demeanor that can only come from faith in one’s path. I believe the music strengthened my health. I believe the music strengthened my spirit. Every day I’m very happy to feel fulfilled that I trusted my gift and worked so hard to give it to others. A gift is not a gift until you give it. And that is the gift to you.

Often, people would thank me for my performance and all I could say was “no, thank you for letting me share my music with you”.


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