Blind Captain

It’s funny that I can pinpoint the time and place that I developed my personal style of writing that was not entirely based on anything else I had heard before.  I lived in a fourplex near the causeway in Metairie, Louisiana so my bedroom was upstairs from another tenant’s bedroom. I had an upright piano with a tape machine in my room and one night around 3 AM I woke up, went to the piano and turned on the tape machine. Without thinking, I just started playing and singing a song as if I already knew it.  After I had created about three quarters of the words and music the neighbor below started banging on the ceiling with a broom handle.

I so wish I could meet these neighbors again and apologize for disturbing them so long ago. It seems I didn’t give it any thought that I was disturbing them as this creativity emerged. Over the next couple of weeks I finished this song, the first song that defined my style from this point on, and here I share with you “Blind Captain”.

From then on, you couldn’t stop me from writing my songs in my own style. Real songs, where the music and the lyrics combine to create a story and emotion that you can not separate.

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