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Miss Tippi Toe Story

We once had two cats named Tipitina and Tujague and it wasn’t long before we called them Tippi and Tuje.  As a kitten Tippi had very long legs with little white paws and she was always darting from place to place on her toes.  Sometimes in the morning (before I have my Community coffee) I […]

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Blind Captain

It’s funny that I can pinpoint the time and place that I developed my personal style of writing that was not entirely based on anything else I had heard before.  I lived in a fourplex near the causeway in Metairie, Louisiana so my bedroom was upstairs from another tenant’s bedroom. I had an upright piano […]

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Sometimes Ignorance

Sometimes ignorance is a gift. When I’d settled into the realization that songwriting and performing were my future, I just didn’t see how my family and friends would perceive my commitment. How would I make a living? Is that really the type of life I’d like to pursue? Do you have any clue what you […]

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