Miss Tippi Toe Story

We once had two cats named Tipitina and Tujague and it wasn’t long before we called them Tippi and Tuje.  As a kitten Tippi had very long legs with little white paws and she was always darting from place to place on her toes.  Sometimes in the morning (before I have my Community coffee) I sing nonsense before my brain is awake.  One morning I started singing about Miss Tippi Toe from Thibodaux (my hometown) and somehow out of that mischief grew this song that was just a joke. Day to day I found myself continuing this game of nonsense lyrics. One day I sat down at my desk proceeded to write down the lyrics to the song.  I never played it at the piano as it was just for fun.

During a visit by my good friend and guitarist Joe Kelly, we decided to record it with the two of us facing each other, Joe playing that awesome guitar part and me singing, changing the verses and delivery with each take and around the 6th take we nailed it (great guitar, huh?).  No overdubs or fixes.  Then we did some harmony parts and the finger snaps (John Bean and the Snappers).  Joe played the tuba part on synth and I replaced it with Benjamin Klein playing his real tuba (wow).  I did a few more harmony parts and mixed it and sent it to Randy Leroy to master it.  I must say I love the result.  It’s so New Orleans yet so Thibodaux (where the Cajuns roam).  A little bit second line and a little bit Hank Williams. I hope you enjoy the fun of it.

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