Whats the point?

I grew up down the street from Bayou Lafourche in Thibodaux, a wonderful Cajun town in South Louisiana. It was like a big family. It seemed like everyone knew everyone. I could ride my bicycle all over town. I felt safe.

Of course, there was a piano in our home and my mother, being a first-grade teacher, must have made it a game because I don’t remember learning to play. She told me that I started around age 4 or 5. By the time I was 7 she handed me off to a piano teacher and I never looked back. I found myself playing in a nine-piece pop/soul band that worked the clubs at 14 and arranging, playing & producing music at studios in New Orleans at 17. I had the good fortune of joining a country/rock musical that went on to Broadway when I was 21.

After the play in NY ran its course, I headed back to Louisiana where I found my path as a singer/songwriter and my true career began. Record deals, publishing offers, playing and producing at recording sessions were always in progress. But no matter what I was doing I was always driven to perform, write and record my music. It wasn’t that I made a choice but seemed to have chosen me. “Story of a Songwriter” is about there being no choice and that the main story lives in the songs. Of course, I’ll be writing about it but if you’re drawn to listening, you’ll hear in the music this story unfold. And along the way I’ll be writing about some of the memories that accompanied this journey.

John Bergeron

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