What’s the point?

Whats the point?

I was born in Louisiana with a piano really close by. Growing up during the “Happy Daze.” Early in life music bit me in the heart. Writing happened like learning how to talk. Bands, a Broadway Show, a move to Colorado, eventually going back to school and getting an Engineering Degree. Through it all the music and my songs have always been present. Love brought me to Connecticut, where I teach recording, music production and keep writing and recording myself in my wonderful studio.

This site is to serve a purpose. To share and give my music to whoever cares enough to listen. The goal is to establish a dialogue with you, the people that discover these songs and decide to share them with your friends. Along the way I would be delighted if you choose to purchase songs that strike your heart. You will always be able to come here and listen with no strings attached but it will help me keep this site alive if you decide to spend a few bucks now and then.

So lets get started.


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