Soul In Yo Bowl


Soul In Yo Bowl

Johnny Jambalaya here with my band Cajun Lightfoot

Fly me to the moon
But let me bring my spoon.
You are now entering the land of
Red beans, Prawlenes, ZuLu Queens and the slot machines

Shucking and jivin’ and gettin’ down with my bad self
I was quick to realize one should always surmise
The food fuels the soul and the soul fuels the sounds
Of the Land of Dreams

In the beginning there was Satchmo
He was singing about Gumbo
A little okra, plenty shrimps and oysters too
Singing Hello Dawlin’ while stirrin’ the roux for you
Brown that roux
Cast iron skillet
Awh Yea, Uhmm Uhmn

Then there was the Neville Brothers
They was Rockin’ Their Blues Away
They was gone on Down by the River Side to be Born on Another Day
While they was diggin’ on a bowl of Crayfish Etoufee
Awh get that French bread down there, get it all up
Etoufee, what you say uhn hunn

And then along come Dr. John
Puttin’ that funktafied good boogie down
On Such a Night he’s in the Right Place at the Right Time
While fuelin’ his soul with some Sauspiquante in his bowl
Awh get it Mac. How you say that? “Yeah you right”

Just when Harry Junior’s singing
Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
Tesse Mae’s layin’ it down a legendary batch of her Creole Pralines
Ah sweat, creamy, and crunchy
Let’s not forget we should have no regrets
As Longhair professed Ohla Ohla Whala Mala Whala
While getting’ down with Fess on a Hail Firin’ Mess
Of Red Beans and Rice and Hamhocks make it oh so nice

So the message I be relatin’ is sure to be stimulatin’ and rejuvenatin’
While elevatin’ my soul put more Jumbalaya in your bowl
Oh Yeah. Get a bowl, Lightfoot.Get a bowl. Fuel your soul, Lightfoot.
Ho! You can’t have the food without the music
And you sure can’t have the music without the food.
You wouldn’t be in the Land of Dreams.
So you’d better go get some Soul in Yo Bowl

Making A Roux

What y’all say
Johnny Jambalaya back at ya
I hope you enjoyed that Soul in Yo Bowl
as much as I enjoyed bringing it to ya
Helping me share my principles that I live & breath
And that’s my culture
It’s about we the people of Louisiana
And the passion we have for doin’ the things we do
Our food, our music
Our love for one another
Our sharin’ & carin’
I’m a start off headin’ down the road to the recipes
But before we go too far
We gonna make a roux
So here’s what you do
What you can hope to accomplish with a roux
What goes in always comes out
So we gonna land on a well seasoned thickening agent
For most all our gravies, our stews
Our sauces but most importantly our gumbo

O.K. we gonna heat up the cast iron skillet
Get it kinda hot, medium high heat
On the top go ahead & pore some oil in it
Always remember we use equal parts of oil & flour
Dependin’ on how much roux you wanna make
We gonna go ‘head with one cup of oil
When it starts getting hot
Not near where it’s smokin’ but good & hot
Start blendin’ in the roux
The flour goes in
And it starts getting’ stirred & stirred & stirred
Up & down, over & around
And you gonna see it’s just gonna
Start coming together
Ah, it’s gonna acclimate for ya
It’s gonna start getting’ dark
But in stages
It’s gonna get light brown
And then medium brown
When it starts getting darker brown
We’re now ready to introduce the holy trinity of our cookin’

Onion, bell pepper & celery
First go the onion
Ooh, man see it bubblin’
Turnin’ over the onions renderin’ its natural juices
Here come the bell pepper, the celery & we about home free
Just let em simmer, put your fire down on low
And man we gonna be off & runnin’ in just a little while
Keep in mind though if you do burn the roux on your first couple of tries
Start over there ain’t no big deals about this
You gonna get it down
We gonna take off on a journey
That’s gonna lead you smack in the road of where we’re headed next
A big old great pot of Gumbo.

Yeah O Rizem & Blues
Uhmm Uhmn
Comes from our culture
Plays out like a musical gumbo
Its influences all include
Cajun, Creole, African, German, European, some Italian
All which come together in this legendary classic we call Gumbo
Under the premise that what goes around comes around
In food terms that translates to what goes in comes out
I suggest we do a meaty gumbo
For starters some turkey, a little Andouilles sausage
Go ahead and cook a turkey the day before
Like at beautiful Nottoway Plantation
Where Iíve been cookin’ for quite some time
We cook a turkey a day
Roast it in the oven
Add enough water so when the turkey’s done
You’re left with some stock
Oh Man! Go ahead and debone the turkey
And then put the caucus back in
Cover it with some water and boil that too
Awh look at what that’s renderin’
You got some solid gold
Next day bring the stock to a boil
Get it rollin’ good
Add in some okra
Soon youíll be skimmin’ a little bit of the film that’s floated to the top
Yeah get that outa there
Now start adding some roux
Spoonful at a time
As it begins to thicken
Stir to the consistency you desire
Down home there are many versions
Gumbo Ya-Ya which is very thick
To more thinner, soupier Gumbo like my mother makes
Herein remember no one Gumbo is more right than the next
It’s all about preference ’cause it’s now becoming your Gumbo
No one elses
Yeah boy now we gonna add us some Andoilles and smoked sausage
As this cooks you’ll have to skim again
Yeah that’s OK
All the flavorís going to the bottom
What’s coming to the top needs to come out
Uhmm yeah now we can lower the heat
We gonna start adding’ in some seasoning and spices
Stirrin’ as everything comes together oo hh boy smell that
Now we let it simmer for about an hour to an hour and a half
Ohh man at which time we gonna add our cooked turkey
Blend that in well Ohh man
Boy let that set on the heat for about 30 mniutes
Who damn better and better
Nowís the time if you want you can add some Gumbo File’
Which is ground sassafras
This aids in bringing together all the flavors
Also provides some body and some thickness
And some soul
Yeah serve it to ya with some fluffy rice
And ladle out some soul in yo bowl
Suggested going on the side of it is good potato salad
Whichever kind you like best
One little hint on Gumbo
Is after it’s cooked and after you ate all you want
You want to put some away you gotta cool it down right away
Donít let it sit out at room temperature
That’s a danger zone
Remember food needs to stay above 145
So when we go down coolin’ it we gotta cool it down below 45
Go ahead and get it cool quick as possible
It never spoil that way
And you can heat your Gumbo up on another day
Man a lot of people say that
Gumbo’s better that way
The second time around oohh
Man Iím hopin’ you realize
That indeed what went in came out
Gumbo’s a source of pride
You ready to get some friends over
Man it don’t get no better than that huh folks
Kawh I’m wonderin’ what all of the fuss is about
Something that we enjoy every time we get out
Yeah Gumbo
Another version you may wanna do
Is something I call Jumbo
Serve your Gumbo over a spoon of Jambalaya
Yeah Jumbo
We gonna talk about Jambalaya a little later
Just give you another look
Take it and run

Shrimp Boats

Shrimp Boats, Shrimp Boats
Shrimp Boats are coming their sails are in sight
Shrimp Boats are coming there’s dancing tonight
Hurry hurry home, Hurry hurry home
Shrimp Boats are coming there’s dancing tonight
Shrimp Boats, Shrimp Boats

Yeah them shrimp boats is a coming their sails are in sight
Soon they’ll be docking at Grand Isle
And unloading their treasures of great delight
Aah Jumbos man they sorting them out
So many to a pound
They gonna be just right
Whoo the trucks are landing and they loadin’ em up
To distribute ’em out
Yeah the large ones to fry just right
Or like at Pascal Manalies the barbaque shrimps
That’ll make you shout with great delight
Awh get the French bread down here again
Sop it all up that garlic butter sauce
Drippin’ down your chin
Move on drop off the mediums at Dookie Chases
Where the first lady of Creole cuisine Mrs. Leah Chase
Has been simmering her world class Creole sauce
That’ll make all her patrons will be linin’ up
To experience the best of the best of Shrimp Creole
They be leavin’ and they be sayin’
Man what a wonderful feelin’
Go ‘head and experience this great dish tonight
Boy the truck gonna drop off the small ones at the Hilton Riveside
Where chef Stanley Jackson’s Gumbo Ya-Ya stands alone
As one of the wonders of the world
Man Scocious to the mouth and Scandelicious to the belly
Awh man Shrimps

Shrimp Boats are coming their sails are in sight
Shrimp Boats are coming there’s dancing tonight
Hurry hurry home, Hurry hurry home
Shrimp Boats are coming there’s dancing tonight
Shrimp Boats, Shrimp Boats.

Instrumental Track

Leaving The Big Easy

Oh Yea
Johnny Jam & the Band
Loadin’ up, gettin’ ready to move out
with a few tears in our eyes
Ready to leave the Big Easy
We been refueled, Our souls are right & tight
It’s time to move on to Baton Rouge
Plantations & Cajun Country
Next stop, Red Stick City, Baton Rouge
Where as New Orleans was Jazzy Baton Rouge is more bluesy
Home of legendary Blues man Tabby Thomas
John Fred & his Playboy Band
Whose legendary hit, “Judy in Disguise”
Was a number one in 1968 worldwide
Also, it’s our state capitol
A great destination for stay overs
As there are many sights & sounds to behold
Plantation Homes like Nottoway
While admittedly bias we put out
Some of the best Soul in Yo’ Bowl dishes
To be found anywhere
To beautiful Oak Alley Plantation
Whose majestic oaks beckon from an era gone by
To gracious Houmas House whose antebellum charm lives on
Umm Umm,  What a place to live & breath
It’s not about me, it’s about we
Where we came from & where we’re going to.


Jambalaya crayfish pie file’ gumbo
Son-of-a-gun I’m gonna have some fun down on the bayou
Ohh what a happy song
Hank Williams gave us this
It definitely make you feel good
Getting’ down to the Fa-Do-Do
One of our great Louisiana festivals
JambalayaÖ Some say the Spanish influenced it
Some say the French
Some say ‘Cadians
Let’s suffice to say Jambalaya comes from the heavens
Man it’s just about goin’ to a place
And havin’ jambalaya when you’re havin’ fun
It’s just a social
It can also be used at home you can utilize great leftovers
Like ham and turkey and sausage
Yeah we got all kind of uses
So here we go let’s put a little bit of oil influences into it
We heatin’ up our cast iron pot
If you don’t have one go ahead and use your favorite thick pot
In go the sausage let that cook down good
We gonna brown it real good
Stir it regular
This might take you about 5 or 6 good minutes
Now we gonna add in our seasonings and spices
Sautee that to a boil
That may go another 5, 6 minutes
Here come a little bit of the Creole influence
We put in some tomato sauce and whole tomatoes
Blend that well
Oh yeah let it cook down a little bit about 20 minutes
Everything’s startin’ to acclimate
Oohh Boy smell that huh
OK now we gonna bring the rice in
Stir that into even amounts all over the pot
Yeah that rice is startin’ to get the flavor
In come 3 cups of chicken or turkey stock that you had
Man what that stock does is keep your rice from actin’ silky smooth
So it doesn’t stick together
Oh bring it to a boil now get it up
Lower the heat and simmer
About 30 minutes yeah
Cut off your heat and let it stand 15 minutes
Fluff your Jambalaya and serve
It becomes the Cajun Two Step when surrounded by Crayfish Etoufee
Now all the influences have participated
Let’s come together as one
Can’t we just get along?
And have some fun
Down on the bayou
Oh Me-O-Miya
All right.

The Land Of Gitchie Goomie

The Land of Gitchie Goomie
The Land of Gitchie Goomie

Awh yeah driving down LA1
Diggin’ on the Bayou
Kissin’ on the settin’ sun
Soon I’ll be getting’ down to Lake Verret
And into the swamp I go
To where?

The Land of Gitchie Goomie
The Land of Gitchie Goomie

Right about sunset
Swamp gas a belchin’
Snake eyes are lightin’ up
Them gators getting’ kinda curious
That’s OK as long as they ain’t gettin’ furious
Man we headin’ back into a place where the frogs are croakin’
And the fish are jumpin’ we in

The Land of Gitchie Goomie
The Land of Gitchie Goomie
The Swamp
The Land of Gitchie Goomie
Quiet, serine
The Land of Gitchie Goomie
Ain’t nothing’ to fear here
The Land of Gitchie Goomie

Yeah them raccoons are coming, the mink and the muskrat
& the Nutrea, they all making their way down to the creek
They been Zig Zaggin’ their blues away all day
And they gotta have a little drink
Man, they tryin’ to stay clear of them traps
Them traps are all over
In the land

The Land of Gitchie Goomie
Be careful of the traps little guy
The Land of Gitchie Goomie
Zig Zag your way
The Land of Gitchie Goomie
The owls
The Land of Gitchie Goomie
Whoo, whooty whoo
The Land of Gitchie Goomie

Instrumental Track.

Circle Duck

You know the Circle Duck is a dance we all do
That is based on the premise what goes around comes around
You know John Lennon gave us “Instant Karma”
And Frank Zappa, “You are what you is”
Boo Boudreaux says, “Be careful what leaves ya ëcause it just might come around to greet ya”
Just like a duck walkin’ around in a circle

Do the Circle Duck
What goes ’round comes ’round
Do the Circle Duck
Doin’ the Circle Duck
What comes in goes out
Seems the Circle Duck
Is here to stay

It always seem to come down to choices we make
From the ingredients we gather up to cook the foods we love
To the music we let in that fuels our soul
And our friends we let into our hearts
And knowiní the love we give is the love we get
And that tells a lot

Do the Circle Duck
What goes round comes round
Do the Circle Duck
Doin’ the Circle Duck
What comes in goes out
Seems the Circle Duck
Is here to stay

Like what goes around definitely comes around
And what goes in always comes out
So when your Circle Duck takes flight
And comes back ’round to greet ya
Here’s hoping your soul is happy
It came back to meet ya

Doin’ the Circle Duck
What comes in goes out
Seems the Circle Duck
Is here to stay
Do the Circle Duck
What goes round comes round
Do the Circle Duck
Doin’ the Circle Duck
What comes in goes out
Seems the Circle Duck
Is here to stay.

Let The Band Play Out

Yea, thanks for lettin’ me dream out loud
Here’s to hope you remember how important it is
When you tie together great food, great music, great friends
This folks in the words of Dr. John creates the magic
That very special feelin’
So as I like to say let’s all try to stay harmonious
In a peaceful rhythm with one another
As I come full circle & make it back
To my home town of Thibodaux
I leave you this closing thought
We make new friends, we keep the old
One is silver & the other solid gold
Now I’m gonna let the band play out
Ah take it away Lightfoot



Fly me to the moon but let me take my spoon…you are now entering the land of red beans, pralines, Zulu queens, and slot machines! We’re talkin bout… Soul in Yo Bowl, the title track of the CD by the same name. This CD contains 11 tracks with music written and produced by John Bergeron. The album lyrics are written and performed by Johnny “Jambalaya” Percle, chef at the world-famous Nottoway Plantation. Experience the charm of southeastern Louisiana cooking with music…a culinary delight. It’s about food, friends and music. In her article for Louisiana Roux Magazine, Hope Hughes-Legendre writes: “Johnny Jambalaya Percle has been putting soul in his bowl for as long as he can remember and now with the release of his debut CD entitled Soul In Yo Bowl, he is taking the art of Cajun cooking to a totally new dimension.”

Single Tracks

Soul In Yo Bowl
Making A Roux
Sax Piquante
Leaving The Big Easy
Land of Gitchie Goomie
Cajun Lightfoot
Circle Duck
Let The Band Play Out

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