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Well here you are. You’ve had a chance to listen to the music and have decided you’d like to have some for your own. Thanks. It’s by you supporting this effort I’ll be able to keep on recording it. The songs are always coming in. It just has taken more time than you can realize to put it down and mix the work so you can enjoy it.

Here’s the deal. All of the CD’s and Single tracks are available here as digital downloads or if you’d prefer you can order hard copies of the CD’s. Pricing is simple. Single Tracks are yours for $1.00 per track. To receive any of our albums the prices are $8.00 per album and if you want a single track from an album the cost is $1.00 per track. A hard copy CD is  yours for $14.00 and includes shipping.

Above is the pricing and below are the album covers and “Buy Now” we’d be grateful is you click on one or two or all of them and get you music from Actually the albums are available at CD Baby & iTunes too, we make a little more if you buy from us directly.

Oh one more thing. The graphic “GET TRACKS” is a page that contains all of the “single tracks” for purchase and download, not an album but some really nice tunes.

Above all we want you to come back to our site. We’ll be adding all sorts of sweet stuff. A journal of this songwriters tunes and life. Many of you have been a part of it to here and we welcome all new folks to this family of music.

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