Why write a song?

If I knew the answer to that question, I would because I could put my career to rest. But there is no answer to the question. Maybe there is no answer to why the sun rises. But day by day it does. Just like everyone has a calling. Some hear it, some fight it, some just ignore it.

So this was my calling. It took time to hear it. It took listening deeply to hear the desire to find it. And it took hard work to develop and pursue it. I do know this. If you find it, all of it, then you are responsible to share it.

If these thoughts vibrate in you then I wish you joy on this blessed and cursed journey. If you have no choice in your calling then there ís no stopping the flood. You don’t notice how difficult the discipline is. You don’t notice the time that is required. And you don’t notice the obstacles between your art and the opportunities to share it.

But we all are given a chance. If you have a gift and talent then you can never blame the obstacles for stopping you. You can never question finding the time to develop your art.

And while I can’t answer the question “why write a song”, I believe I have insight about the gift that flows. Are you writing to share a story that must emerge from you? Or are you writing to find the gold at the end of the rainbow?

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