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Sometimes Ignorance

Sometimes ignorance is a gift. When I’d settled into the realization that songwriting and performing were my future, I just didn’t see how my family and friends would perceive my commitment. How would I make a living? Is that really the type of life I’d like to pursue? Do you have any clue what you […]

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The Blessing of “My Journal”

I can remember where I was driving in my VW Beetle when I heard Elton John’s “Your Song” for the first time. It was amazing. It jumped out of the car radio and straight into my heart. I was in Baton Rouge and can still hear it like it was yesterday. It was so natural. […]

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Music Was Just Across The Street

I can remember writing melodies at around the age of 13. I can’t say they were complete thoughts or something I would call a song but it was the beginning of exploring on the piano with the idea of creating melody and harmony. When I was 14, we’d put together a nine piece band with […]

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Why write a song?

If I knew the answer to that question, I would because I could put my career to rest. But there is no answer to the question. Maybe there is no answer to why the sun rises. But day by day it does. Just like everyone has a calling. Some hear it, some fight it, some […]

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You Are the Music

As I continued to write songs, my lack of knowledge of songwriting was my best refuge. My memory of the early years makes me feel like I was a young lad taking his first journey on a sailing ship. It was an adventure that can only come with discovery and learning how to follow one’s […]

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Blind Captain

  I continued working in the recording studios and performing as a pianist which led to my being part of the cast of “Earl of Ruston”, a Broadway play, and the chance to live at the Chelsea Hotel. I loved my time in New York but eventually moved back to Louisiana and continued working in […]

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It’s not the writer But the story inside what’s written It’s not the singer But the voice inside the song It’s not the performer But the heart inside the performance It’s not the words But the emotion that they help to surface It’s not the music But the music inside the music It’s not the […]

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PART TWO So I changed my directions at Tulane. Since my interest was in music I would obtain a major in General Engineering with a Minor in Music. I went to Loyola University to take some music courses (they actually had a great music department). Then I moved to Baton Rouge to study music at […]

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Part One Maybe it was a natural progression. I know from my mother that she started teaching me about the piano at age 5. Of course, I don’t remember but knowing her she made it like a game. She was a natural teacher, having taught first grade throughout her life. I figure it was the […]

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